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bespoke personal coaching

Bespoke Personal Coaching

Whatever you can do or dream you can,
begin it. Boldness has genius,
power and magic in it!
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

What can a Coach do for you?

The reason you are reading this is probably that things in your life is not turning out the way you'd want. And, lets face it, there are so many hurdles in life, that it is easy to feel stuck or as if you've chosen the wrong path. You might have dreams of doing a whole series of things, and yet everything stays the same. This is where a coach gets in. By definition a coach is someone that enables you to shift perspectives, someone that will make you see things in a different light. Helping you to grow more confident & build those healthy boundaries we all need.

I don't believe that anyone needs fixing. I do believe that each one of us are more resourceful than we think we are. And I do believe that usually we, ourselves, are what hinders us most. A coach can be that 'agent' that helps you get over the threshold that might look like a big mountain from where you stand, but turns out to be just a mound from another perspective. 

In my coaching the focus is on the whole person, because no matter what, we always bring ourselves into every situation. Whether we are experiencing shifts or challenges in our lives, feel stuck privately or professionally, or simply crave more of the good stuff in life, coaching is the catalyst that can take us there. Read more about coaching here.

Huge strides or tiny steps?

Coaching is not normally a quick fix, but creates results over time. It’s a process that requires both the coach and the coachee to actively pursue a change.

We will look at the changes you are seeking and in this process explore what your underlying values are, what it is that really drives you and makes you feel fulfilled. Coaching is a deep going process, aiming at ultimately dismantling limiting beliefs and strengthening you as a person. 

Typically coaching takes place over a period of at least a couple of months, with sessions every second week, but can be tailored to accommodate your needs. 


I coach in person in Central London, Clerkenwell area, but most coaching is done via zoom/skype or telephone, which makes where you are, very flexible.


Packages are available from 4-months to 12-months. The 4-month package starts at £ 895. Prices may vary according to the individual requirements of the client. If you feel you would rather go “ad hoc” without signing up for a programme, that is of course possible, please contact me to find out more.

I'm interested. What should I do? 

It's simple. Contact me to set up a free exploration session, with no strings attached. You'll get the possibility to get a first feel of how coaching works and you'll be able to ask any questions you may have. It gives me the possibility to learn more about you, and what you hope to achieve, and it will determine if I'm the right coach for you. Most people love it!

some testimonials from my clients:

”Excellent exercises, well-put questions and inspiring conversations gave me strength and motivation for personal development.

With a great deal of warmth, a wealth of experience and a great sense of humor on top of it, she knows how to give you that special energy and enthusiasm in order to achieve new goals. I heartily recommend her.”


Thank you for your support and your coaching - lifesaving :)

N.B., creative arts professional

Working with Kerstin was wonderful. Her unassuming style allows lots of space for you to explore. She holds you accountable in a kind yet firm way and is willing to offer input and suggestions based on her own knowledge. She asks questions in a way that really makes you think about what it is you’re trying to achieve and brings you out of your head into transformative action.  Thank you! 


Kerstin is a highly skilled coach with a great combination of intuitive listening skills and techniques to address the underlying thoughts and emotions of her client(s).

     P.r., Business owner, hr professional

I've been fortunate enough for Kerstin to have guided me with extreme patience and understanding. I'd reached a crossroad in my life and didn't know which way to turn, but [she] was able to identify my strengths and likes in order to put me on the right path. The journey has been at times out of my comfort zone but she has made the process enjoyable and fun.

     L.G., travel industry professional


“I met Kerstin at a time when I was starting to question what I really wanted out of life. I had been coasting for many years and was out of tune with my needs and desires. I needed a plan for a more fulfilled future - to have something exciting to look forward to that was right for me. As I hadn’t reflected on my life like this for so long it was difficult and confusing to identify what was really important to me, what really made me happy and what was both possible and realistic. Kerstin’s skills and patience enabled me to focus on what elements of my future would bring me most satisfaction and, ultimately, fun and happiness. I’m now working towards achieving those goals within the next three to five years and already have a greater appetite for life and my future.”