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Co-Active Coaching

In Co-Active Coaching it is all about you. We love to see you grow and get in touch with your true, authentic self. 

When we are challenged, and we are often challenged every day, most of us react in a pre-determined mode. We do what is expected of us, or what we believe we should do, the right thing, although that 'right thing' might differ vastly according to who we are. Oftentimes we act as on auto-pilot, not wanting to hurt others, acting in a way that we think Society requires of us. Many get stuck in belief systems about what is possible and what is not possible, and let those beliefs guide their lives, or put themselves in an ill-fitting story line in order to explain their choices in life. How many dreams lie scattered only because the first step was never taken?

Living a fulfilled life, is an act of courage. In Co-Active Coaching the coachee is always in the center of the dynamic coaching relationship. Your coach will be the catalyst to awake, strengthen and sometimes provoke a transformation. In the coaching relationship both the coach and the coachee are active, and the outcome will be a better you.

"Too many people die with their music still in them."

Oliver Wendell Holmes, judge, poet and civil rights activist